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Nike Flight '13 Mid pushed two new color, a shoe body texture is inspired by the poison dart frog, white / Blue / purple color number 579961-105, another black / gray / red color number 579961-013, it is reported that this "poison dart frog" series is now on sale and has been sold at Nike counters in china. ; NBA more than 10 years ago, most ordinary players wearing Team style basketball shoes, all kinds of Force and Flight is also rampant in court, the number of shoes that emerged in the count, a pair of the most common style of basketball shoes on the basis of today may also be a lot of friends in the childhood memories. And now the basketball shoes? How much do you remember this season except for LeBron 9, Zoom Kobe 7 and Zoom KD4? Hyperdunk and Hyperfuse? The two pairs of shoes have cornered almost all the regular players. So a lot of maverick players have chosen a more personal side, so that star shoes wear more new ideas. today is the protagonist of raptors Amir · Johnson, who today wearing a pair of engraved Air Jordan 12 black and red color, the background has been listed in the Air Jordan 12 series color under this pair of black and red 12 is not it indicates that this Nike will also engraved the classic color? come and see the sun Shannon · Brown, he wears Air Jordan 14 has been launched for 14 years, now in retrospect, multi chamber Zoom Air this pair of shoes is still the leader in Nike corrosion technique, before and after ZoomAir, bottom carbon plate, light and shape design of sports shoe a Hyperdunk of this plasti jordan 3 katrina 2018 c shoes to suppress the defenseless. Delonte · West was wearing a pair of last century in 90s by Air FlightOne, Joe Michael also wore styles. Mike ·: Beebe was a member of the Jordan Team many years ago, and today he is wearing the latest Air Jordan 2012 PE, and at first glance, 2012 is pretty good. There are several double star shoes, following this picture of Drew · Gooden feet Zoom Kobe 6, Jordan · Crawford foot Air Jordan 5, · on the feet of Ellis Montague; most fierce: Air Jordan 18, and I began to wonder is this year 18 may also be engraved? J.R. Smith has a lot of ability, a lot of mental qualities, and a lack of discipline. Maybe perfect is really tough. He wears a pair of AirJordan 10 todayNBA 2015 Championship officially sounded the horn, now NBA also officially announced the official championship rings to create design proofs for the eastern and Western champions, each design are integrated into the unique characteristics of each team, let us preview. 1.jpg (431.23 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 upload 10:40 2.jpg (375.85 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 upload 10:40 3.jpg (422.04 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 10:40 upload 4.jpg (345.37 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015- cheap jordans 4-19 10:41 upload 5.jpg (375.57 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 10:41 upload 6.jpg (277.25 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 10:41 upload 7.jpg (337.15 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 10:41 upload 8.jpg (410.15 KB, download number: 0) download The official NBA release of Eastern team championship ring design comp 2015-4-19 10:0Jordan Flight Flex the new color of the upcoming Trainer, the new YISHION shoes black tone shows, only in the shoes and two shoes with some white lines, the number of 654268-005, is now offering new love, friends can look at. 1422314514142.jpg (156.67 KB, download number: 9) download Jordan Flight Flex Trainer black 2015-1-27 09:08 upload 1422314514512.jpg (55.9 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Flight Flex Trainer black 2015-1-27 09:08 upload Jordan 00Nike Air DT Max '96' Snake Glow 'will be on sale at 2013-12-08 23:59:47This will be exposed earlier in the Nike Air DT Max "96" Snake Glow "version and we officially met finally, this shoe is in addition to the imitation of wild snake material to create the body of the shoe outsole, with green luminous material, with Air DT Max 96 "; the original type of shoes; overbearing, feel very special. The shoes will be on sale in November 16th. 〈br lego="" launched="" "cars="" 3"="" with="" the="" Retro jordans for sale theme="" of="" new="" creative="" assembling="" scenes="" movie="" and="" role="" 2017-08-25="" 17:29:46="" reduction Lego launched "Car Racing 3", with the theme of new creative splicing, restore the film scene and role, two series of new products to the classic Lego particles to champion defense battle. (August 25, 2017, Chinese) recently, Lego launched the second half of 2017 new products, including a variety of the latest Disney Pixar animated film "cars 3:" the theme of the new speed challenge to Lego, assembling particles, reduction of classic movie scenes and animation role, staged battle speed, transmission of Lightning McQueen, indomitable spirit of courage at the same time, to stimulate children's imagination, bring exciting and entertaining assembling fun experience! By "cars 3" landing China cinema on the occasion, Lego will also accompany small fans once again witnessed Lightning McQueen and strong opponent of black storm Jackson staged shock Racing Championship battle. small hand playing big particles get treasure series (LEGO Duplo) young children's reassuring playmate as one of the most evergreen product line of Lego toys, Lego Bao Bao series is 1 years old half to 5 year old young children learn to fight, understand the world of enlightenment series, the theme is rich and interesting, showing different scenes. Lego de Bao series is designed for small hands0.jpg (527.26 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-2-16 12:59 upload 1.jpg (559.98 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to Cheap jordans online the album 2013-2-16 12:59 upload 2013, spring and summer0.jpg (133.16 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-11 20:04 upload lunar new year, we will also enter the "sexy" snake, NIKE recently released a series of 2013 years of the zodiac Chinese inspired works by Kobe Bryant and the black mamba basketball as the main design styles of the soul, contains 8 KOBE, HUARACHE, 2K4 and AIR FORCE 1. Double snake limited styles, which in the NIKE Sportswear designer Marc Dolce crafted, last night conference this AIR FORCE 1 "WHAT THE SNAKE" in the year of the snake element diversified combination presents a rich visual appearance, each foot with Snake Print Leather as much as six different ways of making AIR FORCE 1 the distinctive shape of fabric developed, followed by the "parts" and "2013" is marked out his special limited version of the identity of the snake, the "Snake Eyes" shoe buckle The details is not have the effect of finishing touch, the designer also mentioned in the interview for "WHAT THE KD" and "WHAT THE DUNK" and "WHAT THE KOBE" shoes gained inspiration, while also releasing this important snake Zodiac shoes brings a powerful new. Also worth mentioning is the AIR FORCE 1 WHAT THE SNAKE "snake" style appearance with the traditional AIR FORCE 1 is exactly the same, even the tongue are used quite traditional nylon material production, but the bottom in the shoe is up to a centimeter LUNARLON plus AIR for air cushion, is named AIR FORCE 1 "CMFT" of the new generation of styles, so we once again thought of the replacement of KOBE SYSTEM jordans on sale mens in recent years in the bottom, so that this year's snake style and KOBE with limited elements are the perfect combination of basketball. 1.jpg (132.69 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-1-11 20:04 upload a "sexy" Heavenly Stems and earthly branches to record 2013 lunar year 2.jpg (129.43 KB, download number: 0)retro shoes Pegasus'89 NS Air as early as 1983 has been born, has been more than 30 years of history, may be more than some of the older age of the shoe fans. Overwhelmed, Nike for the super retro shoes brings a new bright crimson bright orange color, the upper is made of breathable mesh material and high quality leather, equipped with white midsole and 1989 born built-in max air cushion, shoes provide comfortable cushioning effect. the air Pegasus'89 ns bright crimson color has afew shelves, item for 833148-600. EUR 110 pricing, like retro shoes friends do not miss.Beijing time June 3rd big general Arenas updated twitter (micro-blog), who said he would give micro-blog fans all the shoes he wore this season. It is understood that Arenas has more than 110 pairs of shoes this season, including more than 70 pairs of match shoes and more than 40 pairs of spare shoes. If the fans want to get Arenas's sneakers, they need to answer Arenas's questions in micro-blog for the first time. Fortunately, the lucky ones also have the right to ask the general to sign their shoes. has lifted the contract with Adidas since the "gunmen" incident. This season, like Kobe, who has been in the 03 years, he has entered the era of shoes in. The general army almost every shoe changing has been sought after in the sneaker world, and the declining state of him has made people no longer care about his score and his killing. Instead, he has concentrated his energy on his feet. Arenas not only shows people his love for Jordan brand, but also makes people realize that as long as the ball skills are good enough, it doesn't matter what shoes to wear. Arenas has put D&, G's trend shoes and Joe four retro shoes on the arena this season. There is no technology content. They haven't affected Arenas's performance. (responsibility editor: Li Chao)Nike released the new FC Barcelona home and away jerseys 2013-12-08 22:10:28 FC Barcelona home and away jerseys for the new season of traditional and modern design club perfect blend of innovation, in the 2012-2013 season, the team demonstrated a new look. New Jersey combines performance innovation and green features, each set of uniforms (including jersey and shorts) using up to 13 recycled plastic bottles made of. home jerseys: 2012-2013 season, the new Barcelona team uses the famous red and blue shirts and white striped jersey look bold and innovative, giving the brand new feeling. Over the years, FC Barcelona give excellent local talent (cantera) full play space, so that these young players and the world's best players play together, so that the atmosphere of the team into the energy, tradition and creativity force - all this brings the inspiration for the new jersey design. The new red jersey crew neck, giving a classic yet modern style feel, the pattern on the outer collar is the banner of the Catalan region. Text on the inside collar of "M & Eacute; s Que Un Club" (not just a club). The new blue shirt on a shirt than ever are deeper blue. Jersey design inspiration from the Catalan architecture fonts. blue shorts, red side stripes, write the words "Barcelona" on the back of the waistband. Socks blue, printed with yellow "Barcelona" words, and the text font on the shirt the same. Socks with a new innovative design with the most advanced cotton insoles, play a supporting role, so that the wearer comfort. Jersey: New Jersey with dazzling colors, demonstrating the ornate style of football club Barcelona. new away jersey hue blend of orange and yellow, designed to pay tribute to the city of Barcelona's unique culture, art, style and architecture. Shirts with the classic orange sailor rib collar, orange collar and sleeves printed on the back of Barcelona's famous club pattern. shirts printed with the symbol of the outside of the back area of ??the Catalan flag, and on the inner collar, there are "M & eacute; s que un club (not just a club)," the text, the font on the shirt design inspiration from the Catalan architectural style. yellow shorts side seam pattern printed on the Barcelona club, behind waistband shorts printed with "Barca". And the same pattern and the words, also appears in the upper portion and the back of a yellow socks. & nbsp; shirt design perfectly blend the motion and young style, classic yet new, and innovative technology also allows this jersey to become history's most innovative high-tech Nike jersey. Players can always keep in wearing comfort and outstanding performance. The new jersey breakthrough recycled polyester fiber material, is the history of Nike's most environmentally friendly jersey. Each set of jerseys (shirt and shorts) by up to thirteen recyclable material made of plastic bottles. Compared with conventional polyester fiber production process, this innovative production process will reduce energy consumption by 30%. From 2010 onwards, the production of high-performance Nike jersey has been in use for about 1.115 billion recycled plastic bottles. The new uniforms use Nike Dri-FIT perspiration technology, compared with older, 23 percent lighter fabrics, and woven structural strength increased by 20%. New Jersey has a laser cut ventilation holes unique design, increase local ventilation effect, the game helps to regulate body temperature player. shirts bonded seams, using a more secure method of t-type joints, the key point to make shirts and shorts seams are firmly on solid, flat interior seams after pressure treatment, so as to enhance the comfort and jerseys performance. The breathable zone can help athletes regulate body temperature, jersey armpit to the waist dispersed many tiny pores laser cut, keep the air circulation, so the players to maintain comfort. Players can also wear matching shirts inside Nike Pro Combat tight underwear, to further enhance comfort and increase protection against injuries. Players and fans in everyday life can wear clothing Sports Lifestyle series Barcelona, ??Barcelona Sports Lifestyle series design is inspired by the club's tradition of excellence. & nbsp;