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NBA in order to concentrate on preparing for the playoffs, the Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James will close all social software, even the mobile phone does not use James, it will continue for several seasons used to call Zero Dark Thirty-23, and its co branded Nike this year with this habit for inspiration, launched a new color LeBron LMTD 14. The Nike LeBron 14 LMTD is designed with a full black tone, and the 3M reflective material is added to the rear heel and inside the Logo. The reason is not related to the word "Zero Dark Thirty". Zero Dark Thirty, formerly a military term for the U.S. military, was translated literally as "12:30 a.m.", meaning "planning for the dark" for a long time. The 2012 movie "00:30" at the order of original title is Zero Dark Thirty LeBron James, the first playoff closed social media was five years ago. The calculation time is almost the movie of the year, I do not know whether the film inspired by James's name? Nike LeBron 14 LMTD is expected to launch in May 27th, priced at $175, interested friends can lock on the post. source: Sneaker News for all exploration shoe finishing has announced to sell dealers to stay in the Facebook, hoping to help you start planning tomorrow journey, of course there will be some department store sale, also please call, this release is no longer updated, all the actual selling way and place to please transaction mechanism shop announcement. Harlem Yu Shumai smile sports sports shop source: SOCIALSTATUSAir Jordan 6 Retro "Carmine" this weekend in Taiwan have been sold, we have now released prospecting shoe finishing selling way dealer links in Facebook, some stores should be signed in to compl Cheap foamposites for sale ete the investment today, you also please collate shoe to pay more attention to the actual way of selling mechanism and the place to store transaction please the announcement. Wuchang 23 smile sports sports a hang Reagan - Reagen sports sports source: gc911The Kobe 9 Elite Low is quite popular in the market, also provided by the NIKEiD service on the Flyknit color options can not meet consumer monotonous, in view of the upcoming Nike 9 new color options in the next Monday, for consumers to do changes in knitting uppers. news source: sneakernewsAir Jordan 31 Air Jordan 1 released tribute classic color design, and is listed as Jordan Brand Top 3 color "Banned" and "Chicago" two are already in the 31 generation can be seen, then certainly not lack of "Royal", Air Jordan 1 was transplanted to design form conspicuous black and blue, from the 1985 Michael Jordan Runway shooting to convey design inspiration in the image of tongue inside pattern. Air Jordan 31 "Royal" is expected to be released overseas in April 1st, priced at $185, and there is no news of the sale in Taiwan. If there is any further information, we will share it with you later. When the Michael Jordan with black blue style Air Jordan 1 station on the runway on the poster, and in the Russell Westbrook Air Jordan participated in the filming of the 31 image advertising also reproduce the concept of Runway. source: Jordan / Sneaker News / The Fat Cat Collectiveadidas Crazy Explosive series for the past two years, Adidas's new flagship basketball shoes, recently launched a new brand for Adidas Crazy Explosive color Low Primeknit version, footwear market with colorful summer gradient color. The Adidas jordans on sale mens Crazy Explosive Low Primeknit a total of two gray, pink, two color of the uppers are used gradually layer elements, highlighting the appearance of people can not see, especially the pink color like the ancient early taste of snow ice, it is designed for the summer, this is Crazy Explosive series, rare using commercially available versions of gradient techniques. The Crazy Explosive Low Primeknit is equipped with a full foot BOOST and woven upper, and the inner boot is designed to provide a multi-layered coating. Two shoes abroad are expected to be sold in July 1st, priced at $140, but no news has been reached in Taiwan. source: NotreIn December 23rd Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG in Taiwan will be sold to a specific store, the price of 5800 yuan for you, we currently have announced prospecting shoe finishing selling dealer link in the Facebook way, the actual selling way and the place to store transaction mechanism please announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Wuchang 23 union St. source: NIKE, IncIn December 20th Nike Air Max Uptempo Pack three pairs of shoes in Taiwan will be sold to a specific store, we as members of shoe finishing Nike Sportswear Taiwan survey currently published in the Facebook store, the store is not the same as the point of sale style, intends to start prospecting shoe please pay attention to the actual way of selling slightly, mechanism and location please change to the store announcement. The shoes sold more messages can also be a reference station listing report. Air Max 2 UptempoAddress: - PHANTACi NIKE KICKS - 〉 LOUNGE - NIKE KICKS LOUNGE at Murmansk Xining: - Eco meal Chient cheap foamposites an flagship store address: Phone No. 11 Taipei Road, Shilin District Keelung River: 02-28826678Air Max UptempoAddress: - PHANTACiAir Max 97 UptempoAddress: - PHANTACisays 1: drying is the biggest cause of wrinkles and spots, moisture is very important in in order to prevent the sun, running when I will rub sunscreen. the day of the sun will not have to say, even if it is cloudy, there will be ultraviolet rays, so I will go to pay attention to. Is expected to run for a long time, I will put the sunscreen on the pocket or pocket, ran to the middle will be taken out to fill up. In order to prevent bask in, I can wear the clothes of UV, also can wear sun glasses to run. Wearing a hat will be effective. If the environment permits, I will choose to run in the shade of the trees. After the sunburn, I'll go for the cooling. I'll use wet towel to cool the simple disposal principle and will go to the same cold burns. Dry is the biggest cause of wrinkles and spots, so then I will do moisturizing, usually paint on the market to sell the natural oil. Sunburn of the next day the skin will be very painful, the night will not be forced to brush the body when the bath. The female runners sunburn is the enemy, but I am not afraid of sunburn, every day through the maintenance, to do restoration action. I also eat more fruit and yellow green vegetables to get vitamin. has a beautiful skin is a great thing, girls and boys should pay attention to. Pay attention to the prevention and maintenance, I hope I can always beautiful. says: I will have a rest period 2 to 2 to 3 days running I'm not going to run when I'm really uncomfortable. Not to be the best way. Physiological period I will r jordan 3 katrina 2018 est 2 to 3 days not to practice running. Due to the role of the corpus hormone, the body temperature will be slightly higher than usual, which is one of the reasons causing the body to feel a little bit lazy. At this time, water retention in the body, the body will be swelling of the phenomenon, the weight is heavier, feel bad and go for a run, might as well, such as edema is back in a comfortable state practice run, is more efficient and can concentrate. must go to practice and just in the physiological period of the trip, I sometimes use analgesic agent. If and when it is very important to hit the stage, in advance can also go to the Department of Obstetrics and gynecology for help. But in fact I'm not recommend these practices prior to check that whether this will involve drug management problems. Everyone's situation is not the same, so the treatment will not be the same, and now the physiological supplies have been improved very light, can help you stay comfortable for a long time. To take good care of your body, not to force the body. says 3: running out of practice strong legs, more attractive through training can improve the physique or develop your muscles, but the general training, I want to girls should not like boys like muscles. The shape of the leg is almost genetically. In addition to some strengthen weight training and practice in some parts of the muscle, basic not especially thicker or there will be a big change. The next day after a long run, sometimes the legs and feet will swell up. This is a normal phenomenon. If it is through exercise and practice of muscle and reduce the amount of exercise when the muscles will naturally reduced, so I a little Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale is not worried. For me, running out of the fruit. "who says the financial crisis is far away from us?" The impact on our business has come to light." Guo Li is the head of a private cloth shoes processing company in Changchun. Her import and export volume in the European and American markets has lost 2 million US dollars, accounting for 67% of the total share of the company's export earnings. send 50 invitations, more than 30 can not come Guo Li opened a shoe factory in Jilin province Changchun City Luyuan District, selling cheap shoes to the United States and europe. The company's annual sales amounted to 30 million yuan, and exports earned US $3 million. Canton Fair has always been an important occasion for Guo Li and the European and American customers negotiation. But the Canton Fair has been rather cool this year. "Customers with 2/3 did not come. This year we sent 50 invitations to customers in the European and American markets, but more than 30 customers said they couldn't come." That cost Guo Li a lot of potential orders, losing $2 million". our province data: by the U. S. financial turmoil and the "economic crisis" double impact, some small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises in our province are facing difficulties. According to the Provincial Department of Commerce statistics show that in September, the province's import and export growth rate dropped significantly. Imports and exports grew by only 4.8%, compared with August, a decrease of 20.8%, of which exports grew by 15.3%, compared with August, down 16.3%; imports fell by 0.1%, compared with August, down 23.1%. us orders reduced by 1/3 : Guo Li said that her company's cloth shoes sold mainly to the United States, Japan, Korea, Germany, Canada, Egypt and other countries, the largest market is the United States, followed by germany. After the financial turmoil, customer orders in the United States dropped by 1/3. some old customers complained that after the financial crisis, many Americans worried about the shrinking property, began to tighten clothing, food, shoes, fruits and other products are not very good. had expected the European market to last for a while, and had no idea of an egg under the nest. The European market is also shrinking, she is anxious and helpless. "If Europe and the United States market can not continue, we will target to domestic or Asian markets."." our province data: the latest data from the Provincial Department of Commerce show that in the first 9 months, 5 kinds of commodity exports have appeared in our province a year ago, China Marcello Wang Baili (01880.HK) busy to open new stores in the country, a year later, BELLE was busy closing. As Nike and Adidas in China's largest agents, is the weak performance of the two international sports brand BELLE in the first half of this year sales growth fell sharply into the mire. BELLE yesterday announced the first half of the performance, as of June 30th this year, BELLE group operating income and the profit was 9 billion 310 million yuan and 1 billion 270 million yuan, the growth rate was 13.1% and 11.1% respectively. In contrast, the first half of 2008, BELLE revenue and operating profit growth of 60.4% and 64.1% respectively. Drag on the BELLE performance decline is Nike and Adidas. sports market observers Ma Gang told the CBN: "Nike and Adidas has two national level agents in China, one is BELLE, another is [1.35 -1.46%] Baosheng International (03813.HK), while BELLE is the biggest agent." BELLE reported that the first half of this year, BELLE Nike and Adidas agent's income is 3 billion 320 million yuan, 3 billion 240 million yuan compared with the same period in 2008, an increase of only 2.5%. While Nike and Adidas's sub brands CONVERSE and Reebok and other second tier sports apparel brand performance reduced, according to BELLE, the agent of these second tier brands in the first half of this year's income is only 630 million yuan, 710 million yuan compared with the same period last year, down 11.3%. agent for sports brand to a sharp decline in performance, BELLE explained: "the sports apparel business market continued downturn trend since the second half of 2008. The main reason is that the market continues "to stock" process, digest before the Olympic Games more pressure on the stock; at the same time, we also observed that the sports clothing accessories as an optional consumer cyclical, the negative impact in the economic downturn is also more obvious shoe business." agent in order to curb sports brand performance declining trend, the number of BELLE stores in the first half of this year to cut inefficient sportswear, net shut shop 346, of which 304 for the second tier brand stores, BELLE said that due to profitability and inventory turnover efficiency is lower than the second tier sports brands brands, so close store operations will continue, second-line brand business is expected to further reduce the proportion of. (Editor: admin)White collocation blue in the bottom and upper cloth by red dotted details.Jordan Air Jordan XIV is about to release the brand new Air Jordan engraved 14 Retro Light Graphite, the new style, with a light grey suede uppers Nubuck, details of the site to the purple and black ornament, white shoelaces and shoes overall collocation, to find everything fresh and new feeling. (Editor: 5) : Hongkong's famous doll designer Michael Lau, the latest Gardener series doll for two models, called 107 Sandy and 107.5 George. A doll with a variety of Nike respectively in SB, size of single product and shoes, with the recent De in Losangeles La Barracuda will start the new Gardner project, I believe will be able to see the two latest published figures showing. The two Sneaker Nike Air have been achieved Mag scraper? Nike Air Mag if it is too expensive, you can consider this in front of Air Mag Meng Meng Da home slippers! looks so small and so tickles ~ ??????air max infrared qs Bruce Lee Picture Quote elite socks crew The New Yorker Saturday October Issue Vol N Cover by Harry Brown max infrared qs Bruce Lee Picture Quote" /〉 acg pyroclast salesforce Fernando de Noronha Brasil clothes online for women Angra dos Reis Rio de Janeiro Brasil air max infrared qs Bruce Lee Picture Quote Nike Huarache Free 2012 new style shoes: [shoes new shoes] - tasting Nike in the recent exposure of a new topic Huarache Free mixed with Nike shoes, Air Huarache Low is a classic shoe body tone, outsole with Free outsole design, skillfully Nike in 90s with the epoch-making technology combined. (Universal shoes net - the most authoritative Chinese shoe net Chen editor)