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Kobe 8, like LeBron X, is a favorite of Ramos's team at the Duke University. And already exposed Duke University away color Kobe 8, System, PE now exposed in detail in kind. The shoe body with black / grey camouflage pattern engineering net production, and in the end / heel lined with royal blue and white collocation, details of the decoration, with the Duke University D logo tongue. before you have read the Air Brand for our various styles of Air Jordan series, while Air Jordan fans are mixed, Air Brand each one sticks to his argument, the "still not to mind taking the trouble of new varieties of hybrid shoes, this is the Air Jordan Alpha 1 and Air Jordan V are combined to create the toe of the upper laser pattern, plus classic black and red color body, the shoes are not so difficult to accept, love friends can continue to pay attention to the follow-up reports we bring.Players adidas Originals launched a joint campaign funds transparent shoes 2012-07-05 09:45:22 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: 1626 Community] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network July 5 hearing, this time re disclosed OPENING CEREMONY & times; ADIDAS ORIGINALS series quite striking DRESS RUBBER SHOES transparent shoes, this pair of shoes using casual shoes appearance, breaking the tradition changed to made of transparent plastic material, and in the insole ca jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black n clearly see the details of amoeba design. 1 2 & nbsp; Related newsNEW BALANCE shoes can be described as flourishing in the recent trend of the sector, this is the cooperation with the Japanese women's brands JEANASiS launched WR996JEA. The new single product with a unique style of women as objects, in the classic and very popular use of the New Balance 996 shoes classic gray with blue shades plus another on, bringing wild effect for fashion girls . In addition to emphasis on design, pop outside, WR996JEA and JEANASiS as also both lines, comfort and high texture, showing personality and taste. Also comes with three kinds of color shoelaces, to changing the girls can match with the mood to enjoy the fun. This is now in JEANASiS collectpoint sale on the domestic agency shop. Source: collectpoint & nbsp;[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] Following the 2011 "poison clothes door", because Nike products "double standards" has been pushed cusp of public opinion. with a Nike basketball shoes, selling products in foreign countries use double air cushion, not only into a single domestic air, anti-price 500 yuan higher than abroad. In response, Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau on October 24 Nike out of 4.87 million yuan in fines. Nike's explanation is: because the wrong caused mainly by promotional materials. This interpretation also attra jordans on sale mens cted a variety of criticisms. An investment bank estimated that the Chinese market, Nike contributed about 30% of operating profit. Nike has also repeatedly reaffirmed the importance of the Chinese market. In addition to face the negative effects of "double standards" event to bring down the gross margin, high inventory pressure, reduced orders and other issues before leaving Nike was tricky. "double standards" of the dispute "Enterprises should pay attention to business ethics, cherish consumer confidence; Relevant departments should also strengthen supervision, safeguard the interests of consumers" Zhongnan University of Economic Law Qiao Xinsheng expressed. Last year in July, the main selling point of this newly listed Nike shoe is played cushion heel and forefoot double, two months after the listing, the website Long SEVEN SNEAKER shoes on in its "cut shoes planning Eighth" in This basketball shoe when disassembled, found and did not publicize the alleged forefoot cushion. Meanwhile, the well-known fake people Hai also found that the shoes sold at home and abroad there is a big gap with the US official website of Nike product price is $ 125 (about 780 yuan) and domestic unity sales price but for 1299 yuan. Nike has always not give a positive reply, just last September 9 generals network quietly deleted in the description of the air, and no furthe Retro jordans for sale r explanation. until October 24 this year, the Beijing Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the consumer fraud act out of 4.87 million yuan in fines, Nike was explained that the "misuse of propaganda material" and promised to last September, a few days ago (9 including September 9) purchased the product and is affected by the above-mentioned reasons, consumers are not satisfied with the product, we will be in the recovery of the goods and original shopping vouchers at the same time full refund, and assume therefore generated no return more than 300 yuan of related costs. According to the "consumer fraud penalties." Article III: operators in the provision of goods to the consumer, there is a false trade descriptions, product standards, physical samples of goods sold circumstances, belong to consumer fraud behavior. Nike aspect called "misuse of propaganda material" and can not stand our ground. "said Nike's case against the interests of consumers ostensibly 'double standards', but its nature has been suspected of fraud, the amount of punishment the business sector is not high. Enterprises should cherish consumer trust in business should not use brand Advantages influence to deceive consumers. "Head of the Consumers Association lawyers Qiu Baochang said. Qiao Xinsheng told Die Zeit reporter, "As a global company, they should play more, pay attenti cheap jordans on to brand building. But government regulation is not in place, they must also with other companies, do everything possible to cut corners in order to maximize the benefits . " Die Zeit had telephoned Nike regard, according to the other requirements of e-mail sent to interview, as of this writing, we have not yet received a reply. strategy to seek change in China Before "double standards" incident, Nike has repeatedly due to product quality issues become the focus of public attention. 2011 ?? 8 23, the international environmental group Greenpeace released "poison hidden in clothing - global brand clothing toxic and harmful residues investigation," the report pointed out that Nike, Puma and other 14 well-known brands of clothing containing " environmental hormone ", that nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). Medical experiments proved that such hormones may lead to precocious puberty. In this year around the Trade and Industry Bureau quality checks, Nike has repeatedly traced to the existence of quality problems. September 2012, a women's sports culture Nike shoe outsole thickness due to substandard easily lead off the bottom of shoes, piercing and other issues Heibang boarded the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau. In mid-October, the Guangzhou Trade and Industry Bureau also identified the goddess of victory Nike bag suspected of using inferior dye fad Cheap foamposites for sale e. In addition to product quality problems in China frequently, the Nike sales in China also showed a slowing trend. 2012 fiscal fourth quarter, Nike downward trend in the market in China has emerged. Product sales revenue of its Greater China including footwear, clothing, accessories, including a $ 667 million, compared to the third quarter fell by 3.89 percent. Morgan Stanley report shows that the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012, Nike's global future orders growth decelerated from 18% to 12%, China's orders rose significantly reduced from 20% to 2%. 2013 first quarter, Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) revenue growth is lower than last year. Nike Greater China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong) in the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 the number of new orders fell 5 percent year on year. Nike rival Adidas in the second quarter of this year to produce a beautiful result. Adidas Greater China sales of 732 million euros, an increase of 19%. To seek a breakthrough, Nike's strategic shift in China ready. Faced with already close to market saturation of first-tier cities, Nike began to focus on the consumption potential of the second and third tier cities. In February this year, because the rent increase is too large, Nike closed its own stores on Nanjing Road in Shanghai, while Nike is located in the second and third tier cities are in full swing to prepare for the store. But into the second and third tier cities, Adidas better prepared. Adidas released by the end of 2010, "leading to the 2015" plan clearly will add stores in five years, from about 2500. Previously, Adidas Greater China CEO Skyline High Die Zeit in an interview with reporters, said, "We opened the shop in 2015 to 1400 to lower-tier cities." In the low-tier cities, the price is most attractive to consumers of sports factors, and Nike was in August this year, foreign media exposed prices 5% -10%. This proposition was significantly associated with lower-tier cities spending habits conflict, while the stock issue is still key issues to be resolved Nike. "Nike sink channels at the same time, you also need to further clarify the location, highlight their own brand characteristics, to ensure product quality, improve service levels to be able to long-term development." Investment Advisor Research Director Zhang Yan Lin said. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)winter unknowingly came, NIKE recently launched a series of AIR, MAX and boots products, is not you have been unable to bear, want to go for a try?. Y-3 launched last year's Qasa Series in the field of Sneaker blowing a small upsurge. Autumn and winter this year, the series's most popular model Qasa High to create a new black soul color will soon be available. Today, Qasa High before sowing color is already close to stock in the global scope, so can see what is listed bunker color scene. After for a while[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Gay and Powell after the alleged use of illegal drugs, their sponsors on the matter published his attitude, Gay sponsor Adidas announced that it would suspend Guy sponsorship contract, And Powell's sponsor Puma, said the support for Powell. Guy is 100m superstar in recent years, a handful of people, but yesterday morning he was exposing a recent drug test failure, for such a case his sponsor Adidas responded quickly. Adidas said in a statement that Guy was found for the use of a banned substance they were "shocked." Adidas, said: "Even if we assume that Guy is innocent but also to prove the job, so we now have suspended a contract with Adidas for Guy doping attitude is clear, each contract. specific provisions are included, once the athlete was found to use illegal drugs Adidas will terminate the contract with them. " and Adidas is different from Powell's sponsors Puma said they still supported Powell, Puma, he said: "We have a long-term partnership with the Jamaican Athletics, we retain the greatest degree of trust in them, given that they treat doping test attitude, we believe that all their players are not involved in such events. " However, Puma and Powell also emphasized that they did not sign individual contracts, but only has a sponsorship relationship with the entire Jamaican track and field team. But from the current situation, Powell just recently five players, one of Jamaica failed drug test, and last month, two-time Olympic 200 meters gold medalist Campbell - Brown also failed a drugs test. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Apparel IT)Nike Zoom Kobe 8 Sample finally exposed 2013-12-08 22:37:50 compared to the other two ace's signature Nike shoes, Zoom Kobe series is always the latest release of each year, when Lebron 10 sections each color has already landed Great store shelves when, Kobe 8 has just exposed their Sample versions. From this exposure of the picture we can see, this shoe Zoom Kobe 8 Fuse body are material to build, and the shoe body loaded with a mixture of black and yellow pattern, showing a little camouflage feeling. Entire section footwear looks very lightweight, Kobe exclusive Logo also be loaded to the top of the tongue. Compared to previous exposure of the picture, Swoosh position change, giant Swoosh is retained in the body of the shoe side. The Zoom Kobe 8 has not listed any information, seems to have to wait until the start of the season we can glimpse its hosting the Games of the.