Dor Kedmi (born Jerusalem, 1989) is an Israeli photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.
In 2016, he received his B.A in Photographic Communications from Hadassah Academic College in Jerusalem, Israel.



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    2011: “Water”, group exhibition, Modi’in.
    2012: “FIN – THE END”, group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
    2014: “Exit”, group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
    2014: November’s editor choice of the world wide National Geographic print edition.
    2014: “Broadband” magazine publication.
    2015: Kashmir (India) Photography Festival.
    2015: “PhotoArt”, group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
    2015: “The Archive” magazine publication.
    2016: Food Processor 3”, group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
    2016: “Fragments”, group exhibition, Tel Aviv.
    2017: Food editorial publication on “Haarez”’s food magazine.
    2017: “The Print Fair”, Tel Aviv.
    2017: Local Testimony 2017, Tel Aviv.
    2018: “Sand Table”, Benjamin Gallery, Tel Aviv.
    2018: “The Print Fair #3”, Tel Aviv.
    2020: “RELIEF 2020”, Tel Aviv.
    2021: “Point of view”, TEO Herzliya.
    2023: “WADI”, Haifa Museum of Art.