Kibbutz Samar

Words by Israel Sher for @haaretz

As every year, the palm trees at the plantation of Kibbutz Samar are filled with juicy yellow fruit. With the arrival of autumn, the toe shaped fruits starts ripen in shades of brown and black, waiting to be harvested with the help of unique shaking machines and machetes. Sorting the dates in the orchard, produces a large depreciation, especially of the Majhool variety, whose skin is delicate and injured easily. The members of the kibbutz, who lives a sustainable lifestyle, came up with the idea of ​​producing “Silan” – dark and aromatic date syrup. The date honey of Kibbutz Samar is produced from 4 different varieties of dates – Medjool, Nur, Barhi and Zahidi – each of which has unique taste and aroma characteristics.